we have a program in place to recycle spent batteries

lead acid
Silver Oxyide Batteries

As a family owned and operated company, we are always thinking of future generations to come and we hope our world will be as good, or better, for them.

At Rexx Battery Co. we are able to recycle and accept the following batteries:

  • Lead Acid Batteries

  • Li-Ion Batteries

  • NiCad

  • NiMH Batteries

  • Seal Lead Acid Batteries         

  • Scrap Lead and Wheel Weights

  • Silver Oxide Batteries: Though these are single use cells – the value of the silver within pays for the cost of breaking these down for recycle.

  • Steel Case and Industrial Batteries

Single use batteries are not recycled at this time**. These batteries include Alkaline, Zinc-Air (hearing aid batteries), and Lithium coin cells (found in many types of electronics). Rexx Battery Co. does not accept these batteries for recycling.

Alkaline batteries can be disposed of right along with your household garbage. It is interesting to note that batteries manufactured after 1996 do not contain mercury.  Without the mercury, the small amounts of metal – nickel, cobalt, zinc, manganese, silver and core of zinc chloride - are not considered hazardous for landfills.

To say alkaline batteries are not recyclable is not completely true; but at this time, there is no cost effective way to de-manufacture them and reuse the components.

**An exciting note ... very recently Eveready has invested in ways to de-manufacture and use alkaline cells. They advertise that 4% of their Eco-Advanced line is from reclaimed materials. However, we do not see where they are accepting alkaline recycles at this time. Please continue to check back with us. As soon as there is an outlet for spent alkaline, Rexx Battery will be one of the first to put a program in place to recycle them!