Rexx Battery Co.  Battery Contact Inc.

a family owned and operated business since 1959.

Our customers are an extension of our own family and it is our desire to work alongside our customers and serve their needs for a lifetime. From the largest heavy equipment batteries to the smallest watch batteries, Rexx Battery carries over 75,000 batteries to keep your machinery, appliances, and devices powered day in and day out. Rexx Battery also offers a variety of services including custom built battery packs, battery testing, custom made cables and iPhone and cell phone screen repair and replacement.

We offer high quality batteries at competitive prices.

  Featured Product - Noco Genius Boost JumpStarters

Featured productWith Noco Genius Boost products you will never need to call someone for a jump again. Compact, light weight, and simple to use these jump starters can be stored in your vehicle and be ready for battery emergencies. We have options for the smallest engines all the way to large commercial desiels!

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